At the heart of the digital backbone

Xceptor provides financial institutions with solutions to transform their data, processes and technology as part of their digital transformation programmes. Clients work with Xceptor to build the digital backbone that enables them to gain customer, product and business insights based on trusted data. This in turn helps clients to create new business models, become customer centric, make more strategic use of staff and develop operations build for the future

Reduce Costs

Lower your operating costs by automating manual processes and reducing errors.

  • Xceptor takes operational activities and codifies them into business rules for automated processing.
  • Manual activities are replaced by Xceptor, which manages the full process or escalates to human staff as needed.
  • Automation removes data processing errors and significantly reduces process cycle times.
  • Rules are configured and managed by operational staff, balancing flexibility and control.

Optimise Workflows

Xceptor is a scalable technology platform that offers a low total cost of ownership.

  • Xceptor is a single platform that replaces multiple spreadsheet activities and bespoke in-house software solutions.
  • Xceptor meets any increase in data volumes and complexities, requiring no additional headcount.
  • Automation increases visibility and pinpoints productivity gains.

Increase Operational Control

Operations manages how data is processed.

  • Xceptor combines centralised control and workflow standardisation, with with local flexibility.
  • Increases automation rates by interfacing with upstream / downstream systems.
  • Data accessibility delivers effective customer service and client management.
  • Operational teams quickly implement roll outs and update data management, without initiating large IT projects.
  • Deployment across multiple business functions maintains a consistent approach across the organisation.

Reduce Risk

Remove manual processes with Xceptor.

  • Xceptor reduces operational risk by eliminating manual re-keying for data capture, validation and enrichment.
  • Xceptor enforces standard workflow processes to reduce scope for ‘off-the-books’ decision making.
  • Full audit reporting functionality assures compliance with regulatory or internal checks.
  • Self-documentation ensures that organisations can meet regulatory requirements.

Xceptor Data Hub

Remove manual intervention in the capture, processing and management of complex data requirements.

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Xceptor Reconciliation Hub

Effectively manage enterprise-wide, departmental and ad-hoc reconciliation requirements.

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Xceptor Confirmations Hub

Increase STP of inbound and outbound OTC trade confirmations across multiple asset classes.

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Xceptor Operations Hub

Link multiple processes to provide consolidated overview of all operational activities.

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Xceptor Tax Hub

Create an enhanced platform to automate tax reclaim and relief at source processes and documentation.

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